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Personal Training

Our personal training uses science and cutting edge research in order to design workouts that allow you to receive great results in the fastest time possible, instead using the same ol’ cookie cutter approaches, that don’t work.



Watch Your Metabolism Soar as the Pounds of Fat Melt AWAY!!!!

Enhanced Fitness

Insanity is defined as performing same tasks over and over, but expecting different results. Most trainers and other fitness programs or professionals have never helped anyone make significant progress towards their fitness goals. They don’t understand that cookie cutter programs, or the mainstream approach of long hours of aerobic training, or excessively low calorie diets don’t work, because they’ve never taken anyone from fat to fit.

In addition to this, most trainers only have one approach towards getting people in shape because they don’t truly understand how to use exercise to help people get the results that they want. We at Enhanced Fitness Solutions understand that your personal training experience should be just that. PERSONAL! Everyone has different needs, strengths and weaknesses as well as different backgrounds with exercise, as well as different readiness to perform certain types of exercise, so our goal is to use methods proven not only by over 16 years of experience with working with clients, but also through education and research that provides us with information on how to use different types of exercise to get you the results that you’re looking for, instead of just following the latest fitness trends, that may hold you back from getting the results that you want.

Our programs are geared towards teaching the client how to manage their lifestyle in order to help clients make their journey to achieving a higher level of fitness, and the body that they desire. But because each person has different obstacle to overcome, we believe it is important to not only educate the client on their needs, but also keep the lines of communication open to keep you involved in your journey. We believe that great personal training is not only hard to find, it’s also expensive. This is why we have a variety of budget friendly programs, in order to provide a way for everyone to get in the best shape of their lives.

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